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Google Maps is New and Improved for Android

In May, a preview of the upcoming Google Maps was presented to Android users; sporting a redesign of the interface and some shiny new features. Google was clearly aiming to both impress users and provide an easy to use navigation experience.

Designed to work on both Android phones and tablets, the new Google Maps features updated information cards, a cut down on the frightening amount of buttons, and less menus. The map view now contains only 3 items, a menu button, a button to zoom in on your location, and a search box. The information you find by searching can be swiped either left or right, which allows you to view information cards or find alternate routes to your destination. For those of you using tablets, you may notice that the interface is slightly different than the phone version. Due to the larger screen found on tablets, this version of Google Maps is able to display information cards in a grid like pattern at the bottom of the screen. Both versions allow an enjoyable and easy to use navigation experience.

Phone Version:



Tablet Version:



Photos taken from the Google Play Store.

The final two changes are the navigation features and the offline maps feature. The navigation functions have been improved to feature alternate routes from the first time you search for directions. It's also able to display traffic accidents on your route, and can easily redirect you midroute. Lastly, Google has decided to remove the option to save maps to use when you're offline.

Well, there it is. The new Google Maps is aiming to please your navigation needs. For those of you who had, perhaps, written off using Google Maps on your Android devices, would this update make you reconsider? For those longtime users, are you pleased with these new features? Tell me in the comments below.
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