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Google is once again attempting to revolutionize the world of search


The internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it? It’s become a place for millions of people to gather together and enjoy a massive host of content, from videos to the news. Of course, the internet is one of the biggest sources of easily available information, so easy that it can be found in a few simple button presses. Google, who has been giving us the means to sift through this immense amount of content and information for years, is once again attempting to change their own game, and you may be interested in seeing how.

In order to change the world of online searching, Google is attempting to bring us a smarter, and more personal searching experience by giving you your own personal "assistant". Scott Huffman, Google’s Engineering Director, says that the assistant will “resemble a personal assistant more than the search tool Google that launched over fifteen years ago.” Huffman goes on to tell us that the new world of searching is all about making “all your tasks as you go through the day simpler and quicker.”

So, you’re probably wondering what this means for us. How will we be interacting with our new “assistant”? Google is aiming to bring this to most of the everyday devices we spend our time with. Google is targeting places such as the living room, and even your car. As for how talking to your new assistant goes, Google wants to go for an actual conversation with it, as opposed to systems such as Siri. Due to data provided by their Knowledge Graph, Google’s attempt to better understand it’s users will prove to be quite helpful.

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