Move over Red, looks like your title will have a new owner.

Keeping up with the long trend of great April Fools jokes, google has started April fools just a bit early. Google Maps announced, in a video titled "Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge" on March 31st, that they would be introducing a new feature to help the worlds search... A search for a true pokémon master through test described as "The most rigorous test known to man".

So, what is it? Google Maps has hidden pokemon all throughout the world, it is up to you to find them! Search through famous cities, states, provinces anything! All you are looking for is a cute little pokemon to catch. When you find pokemon, you tap them and you get the opportunity to catch them.

Google Maps stores all caught pokemon in your pokedex, which displays the amount you've caught vs total (150).

According to Google, "participants who collect every single pokemon will be invited to the Google Plex to participate in the final round of hiring." The winner "will start at google on September 1st, 2014." Although you can never get your hopes too high, if the hiring part isn't a hoax this could be something to take advantage of. So what are you waiting for? Update google maps and click start! Feeling nice? Share the whereabouts of your pokemon below! Anyone that shares can use this nice little 7s pokemon badge I made!

Good luck, young trainers, and may the force be with you have fun.

Source: Youtube video "Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge"