After months of waiting, Microsoft finally decided to reveal the name for their new browser. Today during the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco it was announced that there will be no more Project Spartan, so say hi to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge has been in development for a while, initially under the before mentioned codename Project Spartan. When it is ready, it will be replacing the aged, and lets be honest, not so well reputed Internet Explorer as Windows new browser. If the information slipped by AMD earlier is correct, we will get Windows 10 in the end of July with Microsoft Edge included, but there is no official release date yet. The old browser will still be available for enterprise customers and compatibility reasons, but Edge is what the everyday user will be utilizing. If it is good enough to convince users to swap over from Chrome and Firefox that is.

"Hopefully you get the essence of our ambition with Windows 10 when we say we want to move the user from needing Windows, to using Windows, to loving Windows," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says in his keynote. There is no doubt Edge will be a key feature in the company's effort to reach this goal, as today's users spend the majority of their screen time on the internet.

Microsoft Edge is designed to be basic and minimalistic, and has some nifty new functions to set it apart from other browsers out there. As we can see in the video, even the early preview include new features like digital ink annotation, the Cortana voice command integration, and a built-in reading list. You will also get a new page layout for new tabs, creating what looks and feels like a customized homepage, with links and thumbnails of the most visited websites and web-based apps used, as well as personalized information pulled from Cortana. According to the keynote, Edge is being built as a universal Windows app. This means that it can work across all devices, and seeing as Cortana is built in to it, there is a possibility that Cortana could eventually show up on iOS or Android if an Edge app is made for those platforms.

People with access to the Windows 10 technical preview can try out Edge today. But keep in mind, it is still in development does not have all functions included yet. Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for existing Windows users when it is released this summer.


What do you think of the official name? What are your favorite new features?