Sony is apparently gearing up to launch a gold variant of its PS4 Slim. A photo appearing to show packaging for the console was shared on Reddit via user Sliye, who claims the console will launch on June 9. An image of the PS4 is shown below.

According to the packaging in the picture, the gold variant will include a 1 TB hard drive, though it's unclear if this is the only option that will be made available: the standard black PS4 Slim comes in both 500 GB and 1 TB variants.

Sony is yet to officially confirm the new model; GameSpot has contacted the publisher for comment. Sliye claims to work at US retailer Target, and that the color variant shows up on the store's internal systems.

If the leak is true, it's unclear whether the new edition will launch worldwide or just in the US: different PS4 versions are sometimes not available in all territories, or come to some territories far later than others.

Currently, the PS4 Slim is available in matte black and glacier white, though in the US the latter is only available through a Walmart-exclusive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bundle. Sony previously offered a limited run of gold-colored original PS4s in the US, exclusively through a competition with fast food chain Taco Bell.

Source: GameSpot