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Rumor God of War IV Details Leaked


A recent leak has shown that another God of War game is in development and could be set to release later this year. Santa Monica Studios the developer behind God of War already stated that there was going to be another game, however, they denied that it was going to be a prequel to their last game God of War: Ascension. Pictures, as well as crucial information about the games setting, were leaked online earlier this morning from a personal website of someone who worked with the God of War developer, Santa Monica Studios. Sony wasn't too happy with this information, as they quickly had the information removed from both the website and the Twitter account that it was posted on. However, the information was quickly archived on Neogaf's website, where all of the screenshots can be found.

The screenshots that were collected show indicators that it will be a Norse mythology setting, with the main character Kratos getting a complete makeover from past games. In a few of the pictures, descriptions can be seen, describing Kratos as "sporting a beard and carrying an axe". The weapon Kratos is holding can actually be used in game to cut through vines and create bridges. It also states that he will visit locations such as Alfheim and Vanaheimr, which also so happens to be two of the nine worlds of Norse mythology. Alfhiem is considered to be the land of the faeries in Norse and is shown in the concept art as a sleek stone city. Vanaheimr is pictured as a large, luxurious forest. There are also many elements within the concept art that many God of War fans would be familiar with, such as life restoring health rune-stones that could possibly be comparable to the series' orb chests, as well as complex puzzle contraptions.

The whole Norse mythology storyline has long been speculated to be apart of the God of War series for quite some time now, as Kratos has gone through the good majority of the Greek pantheon. A former director of the series, David Jaffe said the shift to the Norse mythology was considered awhile back but never made it to the drawing pages. It would be refreshing to see Kratos battle many of the Norse gods, such as Thor, Loki, and Odin, as well as the giant Ymir. A new God of War game is long overdue on current consoles, as the last one that was released was almost three years ago.

Most of the images of the concept art can be found down in the imgur album below. As with everything, this is pure speculation of what the game could possibly look like and is simply just rumors. However, with what is pictured below, as well as the juicy details, it seems that this game is all but confirmed. Actual details of the next God of War game will be released at Sony's E3 press conference this year.

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