Today, Sony have announced that the coveted God of War prequel, Ascension, will make its way to Playstation Plus next month. From the 9th of January 2013, PS+ members will be able to sink their teeth into the multiplayer beta; which has already went through a closed beta stage this month.

Upon launch, players will be able to dive into Team Favour Rush mode, which is God of War's interesting take on Team Deathmatch. The objective is simple: fight to accumulate the required number of favour points from the Gods; which you can then in-turn spend on customisation. Multiplayer itself will be broken down into two different environments; in one hand you'll have large sprawling environments, and in the other you'll find yourself running through compact arenas whilst engaging in some blood curdling close-quarters combat!

Sony have also announced that there'll be a single player version available in the beta; which is being firmly kept behind an iron curtain for the time being!

With Ascension slated for release on the 15th of March 2013, we won't have to wait long to get more information on the much anticipated campaign! For now, you'll just have to make do's with this enthralling beta trailer: