Ubisoft's popular open-world shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands now has a free trial on PS4 and Xbox One. The demo allows you to play up to five hours of the game--so if you were on the fence about buying, now might be the time to dive in and give it a go. The trial is available worldwide for free on consoles, though it seems PC players will not get a similar demo--no trial can currently be found on Steam or Uplay.

The news comes just a fortnight after Ubisoft announced a PvP open beta for Wildlands. The game launched without any form of player-versus-player mode in March, but the new competitive multiplayer suite is coming at some point soon with a free beta "later in the summer."

There has been a great deal of post-launch support for the game, with multiple DLC expansions and free updates, including a recent one that added a new difficulty mode, Tier 1. We also learned last month that Wildlands was the best-selling game through the first half of 2017 around much of the world.

We enjoyed Wildlands when it launched earlier this year, though it did have its problems. "As only the second open-world game in the Clancyverse," wrote critic Miguel Concepcion, "Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a middlingly safe tactical shooter and a slightly wasted opportunity given the ambitious scope of its seemingly boundless map. While its main strength is its mission diversity, it doesn't take long to lose the motivation after reaching El Sueno's doorstep. Even with a foursome of highly trained friends, Wildlands eventually reveals its diminishing returns. The feeling of positive immediacy and dopamine hits begin to wane sooner than you expected from a game with such a large and diverse world."

Source: GameSpot