Ghost Recon Wildlands, which launched about 13 months ago, is getting a second season of free content, Ubisoft announced yesterday. It kicks off with an update launching Tuesday, April 10.

That update, called “Special Operations 1” will deliver teammate customization, which Ubisoft called “the number one feature requested by the community.” This means players will be able to put items they have unlocked for their character on their teammates.

It will also include a new PvP game mode called Sabotage, with five maps exclusive to it, the first of six new PvP classes, and new perks and weapons. The PvE side of the game will get a free themed mission, a special challenge with exclusive rewards.

This content is part of the fifth and sixth title updates originally planned for Ghost War, the 4v4 multiplayer mode that launched in the fall. Those updates were delayed in an announcement last month.

Special Operations 1 is part of four free big updates, with the rest launching later. Ubisoft is also selling a season pass for $29.99 that gives players a week’s early access to the aforementioned new classes in Ghost War, an exclusive customization pack, and eight loot crates.

Source: Polygon