Ghost in the Shell Online Getting a Worldwide Release

Nexon America announced today that Ghost in the Shell Online will be getting a localized release titled Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex...
  1. Feyfolken
    Nexon America announced today that Ghost in the Shell Online will be getting a localized release titled Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -First Assault-. The game will take place in the Stand Alone Complex universe and it will be a tactical FPS with gameplay looking similar to Borderlands. Players will come together as augmented soldiers with mechanics and abilities that reflect the series' own characters. For example, Kusanagi's camouflage and Saito's vision enhancing abilities will be available for players to use and upgrade. Players will also be able to use their abilities together to combine them and will likely require this level of teamwork to progress through the game.

    Nexon has released a list of regions that will be supported for First Assault, which can be seen here. The game will also go through frequent beta testing sessions to stress test their servers and give fans a chance to see the game firsthand. The first beta session will be up on October 1, with more beta sessions to follow shortly after. You can apply for the beta here.

    Ghost in the Shell is considered to be one of the founders of the Cyberpunk genre and the series has only gotten more interesting and compelling over the years. From what we've seen so far, it looks like First Assault will be continuing that trend.

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -First Assault- will be available worldwide sometime in 2016.


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  1. JoinTheResistance
    To me it looks like a multiplayer version of the never released StarCraft Ghost. You know specters (the red guys) versus the Ghosts (blue guys). Even the red guys' abilities are similar to the specter abilities from StarCraft. Next thing you know, the red guys will turn out to be renegade Ghosts, then Blizzard can make a copyright claim!
  2. Skype
    I want this to come out for console :frown:
  3. Jet1337
    This is the same song Trion used for the Defiance trailer before it launched.

    Lmfao, I bet this game will suck.
    1. Feyfolken
      There have been dozens of uses of Radioactive, what's your point? From what is seen in the gameplay trailer, the worst thing I can think to say is that some of it looks unpolished but the game isn't done so that's only natural. Hopefully your prediction as wrong, as I will more than likely be buying this game because of how interesting it looks.
  4. Inxlinx
    Would be cool to see this come to the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 consoles as I am not much of a PC gamer (occasional)
  5. Jason
    The show was really awesome, but I'll have to if the game lives up to the anime.
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  6. Doodle210
    I love Ghost in the Shell, I hope I can play the beta. :biggrin:
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    1. Feyfolken
      It's a closed beta but I do think that because they're stress testing, they may be accepting a large number of the applicants. I'm hopeful as well because this series is a favorite of mine as well, and it reminds me somewhat of the game Syndicate which unfortunately, didn't take off too well at its release. I think this game looks more interesting and it definitely has the title behind it to succeed.

      I definitely have high hopes for it, the trailer was very impressive to me.