Between now and May 15, you can download Battlefield 1's first DLC, They Shall Not Pass, for free on Xbox One and PC. And although the price goes back up to $15 after that, it's yours to keep and play forever if you add it to your account before the deadline.

To get it on Xbox One, you can click here to add it to your account. For PC players, you'll need to do the same through the expansion's page on Origin. Naturally, you have to own the core game to play it.

The expansion, which came out in March of last year, brings the French army to the game and adds four maps set in France. It also includes a new mode called Frontlines, two new Operations, six unlockable weapons, four melee weapons, a new Behemoth, and the Trench Raider elite class.

Three additional expansions are available for Battlefield 1, though they're not currently free. Now that all the DLC is out, DICE said in a blog post that it will begin winding down the frequency of game updates.

Before that happens, though, DICE will add a mode called Shock Operations, which is similar to Operations mode but focuses the action on a single map. Shock Operations will be available on five maps: Giant’s Shadow, Lupkow Pass, Prise de Tahure, River Somme, and Zeebrugge. When playing in Shock Operations mode, you won't need to own the corresponding DLC to play on any of the maps.

To encourage players to keep Battlefield 1 in rotation, DICE is also giving 10 Battlepacks full of skins for free to anyone who plays the game before May 3.

Despite rumours and speculation about a 2018 Battlefield game, publisher Electronic Arts have yet to make any official announcements.

Source: GameSpot