With its focus on online melee combat, For Honor isn't quite like any other game out there. That makes it a hard sell for some gamers who tend to stick to their preferred genres--which means there's a good chance you haven't played it yet. From June 11-18, PC gamers can download For Honor's Starter Edition for free. The only catch is that it's only available for free on Uplay.

First released in March, For Honor's Starter Edition normally costs $15 and comes with six heroes instead of the 12 that come with the standard edition of the game. As in the standard edition, three of those heroes are fully unlocked and customizable from the start.

While the standard edition comes with nine more playable characters that cost 500 Steel each (the in-game currency) to make customizable, the Starter Edition only lets you play as three additional heroes, each of whom cost 8,000 Steel to make customizable. The remaining six heroes can be fully unlocked for 8,000 Steel each. Ubisoft estimates most players can earn 8,000 steel by playing for between 8-15 hours--which adds up to a lot of play time to unlock all 12 heroes. Still, you can download For Honor's Starter Edition for free and you can keep it and play it forever.

The reason for the deal is spark interest in For Honor leading up to its Season 8 update, coming in October. Season 8 will introduce the game's first new faction, a Chinese fighting force called the Wu Lin. It will also include Breach Mode, a major update that brings 4v4 castle siege warfare to the game. The developers think Breach Mode could become the game's flagship mode, replacing Dominion.

Source: GameSpot