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Gest: A Motion Controller For Your Devices


Have you ever seen those movies where someone is controlling a hologram image and they're waving their hands all over the place to control their PC? Well, now we're one step closer to that dream, minus the hologram part. Gest is a motion controller that you wear on your hand and it can control your PC and mobile device through different gestures and motions.

Gest allows you to truly work with your hands. It was built around the premise that as our mobile devices become more prevalent in our lives, we should have an easier way to use them. Apart from our mobile devices, Gest is capable of replacing your mouse and keyboard on your computer. In a video demonstration that is linked below, Gest is shown adjusting the contrast level and placing a logo in Photoshop. It was even shown using a tabletop as a keyboard, but it is worth noting that two Gest controllers are required to use the keyboard function.

Gest is meant to be an extension of your body. Over time, it will adjust itself to accommodate to how you perform different motions and gestures so that it can offer the most amount of precision and accuracy possible. Each controller will be packing 15 different sensors to again, offer the most accuracy possible. Latency shouldn't be something to be worried about as the finger tracking technology should always stay at around 40 to 60 ms of input latency.

The controller is also capable of more than just controlling your PC and phone. For example, in a video demonstration, Gest was shown turning the lights in an entire room on and off, and it was shown turning music on and off. Obviously, only compatible items will be able to do something like this when paired with Gest, but something that should get a lot of people excited is that every Gest controller is also a DevKit. This means that users can create their own applications and utilities to use alongside Gest. You can also program your own motions and gestures to perform tasks of your choosing. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Now in terms of specifications, the Kickstarter page didn't go into detail, but if you may take a look below then you'll see what was said about the internals of Gest.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows Gest to connect to all your devices, so you can interact wherever you are.
  • IMUs Gest’s sensors and their careful placement on your fingers gives the most accurate tracking possible at extremely low latency.
  • Smart LED allows Gest to tell you when you are connected and what interaction mode you are in.
  • Rechargeable battery Gest has a rechargeable battery that will last through a full day of work.
  • Micro USB Gest has a micro USB port for easy charging

Gest will work with your PC and iOS and Android devices. The controller is expected to launch in November 2016 for about $200 USD per controller. What do you think? Will you be investing in Gest? Leave your thoughts below!

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