"The franchise can do a lot more now that Microsoft owns the IP" -Rod Fergusson

As a Gears of War Fanatic, who has been playing since the beginning of the first original Gears Of War 1 since 2006 , I am really excited on what the next generation console will bring. Surely, I thought the GOW series was ended with Gears of War Judgement, which in my opinion was the worst game in the series. Epic has sold the Gears of War series to Black Tusk Studios who will possibly début a cinematic teaser trailer for Gears of War: Lazarus, at E3's Media Briefing for Microsoft Studios in which sets the stage for the reboot of the series.

Maybe this new sequel will have the locust arise once again? It wasn't the end. Or if our favorite character/ main character Marcus Fenix is back at killing grub holes! What if Dominic Santiago, jumped out of the moving car before the gas tank obliterated the whole building and car? Who know's.......

Of course this is a leak and a rumor but it is almost E3 and we are bound to know! Furthermore, I investigated what the word "Lazarus" means in which was given: In Biblical times, a man died but was brought back to life by Jesus Chris. That man is Saint Lazarus.

Furthermore, Blask Tusk studios has finally finished their new Gears of War forum and epic transferred content to black tusks forum. There is bound to have many open discussions on the new Gears of War for the Xbox One after the cinematic has played at Microsofts E3 Media Briefing.

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