Players who have yet to play Gears of War 4 will soon have a chance to try the game free of charge. Beginning tomorrow, Xbox One and PC players can download a limited-time trial version.

The free trial runs until June 15 and lets players experience 10 hours of the game, including the first act of its single-player campaign, as well as the full Versus and Horde modes.

While the trial version can only be downloaded until June 15, you don't have to play it during that timeframe. Players can still play the full 10-hour trial as long as they download it by next Tuesday. You can find the full rundown of what the Gears of War 4 trial offers on the series' website.

The free trial also includes all of the new content The Coalition released earlier this week in its "biggest ever update" for Gears of War 4. In addition to new difficulty levels, the expansion made some significant changes to Horde mode, adding new Loot drops, 15 Horde skills, and two fan-favorite maps from previous installments. Existing skills can now also be raised to Level 6 following the update.

Source: GameSpot