Gears of War 4 Campaign Footage and Multiplayer Map Revealed

The Gears of War series will always be highly regarded as one of the most intensive action games ever. From what we can tell, the new installment...
  1. Harry

    The Gears of War series has always been highly regarded as one of the most intensive action games, bringing third-person shooters further into the mainstream and providing some of the most heated and gory games of multiplayer that gamers have ever seen. From what people have gathered, the new installment in the series, Gears of War 4, will follow suit and possibly become the best one yet.

    Yesterday, Microsoft revealed some new footage showcasing the campaign, which has certainly got the hardcore fans excited. The gameplay video is roughly six minutes long and shows us how incredible this game will look and play. Note how smoothly the game flows and how outstanding the graphics are. The following gameplay was recorded on an Xbox One, so one can only imagine how it will play on the PC.

    Are you excited to get your hands on this? If so, and you happen to live near San Diego, you may want to head to Comic-Con. Fans will be able to jump straight in and play the game for themselves; this will be the first time the game is available for the public to play.

    As well as releasing this gameplay, they've also dropped a trailer for a multiplayer map, titled Forge. This reasonably short video shows us a glimpse of what to expect: there is going to be a sprawling arena with some close-quarter areas, as well as more open spaces with longer lines of sight.

    This map looks incredible, and it certainly makes me want to play the game. And if you're heading to Comic-Con, this map will also be available for attendees to play. Are you excited for Gears of War 4? It's not too long of a wait now - it's scheduled to be released across PC and Xbox One on October 11, 2016.

    EDIT: Here is some exclusive footage of Forge from Comic-Con, it looks brilliant! What do you all think of it?

    I think it's time we book a Se7enSins excursion to San Diego, what do you all think? Anyone heading to Comic-Con?


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  1. Blaze
    Add this to the op

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    1. Harry
      Added to the article, thank you
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Can't wait for this. :biggrin:
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    1. Harry
      3xTiNcT It's hopefully going to be game of the year, it has that potential if done right!
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    2. 3xTiNcT
      Yeah I don't think it has much competition so we'll see.
  3. Orginal
    I played the closed beta + Open beta, it was good! So competitive I love it! I Also like the campaigns I need to get to them all for them achievements! :tongue:
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  4. TitanXL6758
    Thanks for this article was really nicely done. As far as GOW I dunno I thought the game was done? I am glad for the PC players who finally get a GOW but that is about it, it really looks like a re-worked- re-hashed game nothing new here? We need a new injection of games, and new ideas really do not need another sequel from a dead franchise. CliffyB left this franchise & that is pretty much it he was the heart and soul behind GOW in my opinion.
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  5. Weeb
    I just hope this whole xbox and pc exclusive idea doesn't just turn into ****** pc ports, it's really awesome we're getting gears but I'd prefer they take time to make it work well than just do some crap port that only gets fixed via patches months after release *cough* Arkham knight *cough cough*

    Some decent graphics options would be nice as well, some of these ports are pathetic when it comes down to it.
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    1. Harry
      I don't think it will be a port of the XBOX version, at least I think it will be a good one.

      I'm holding the faith that they bring us something good on the PC, as this is their first time releasing a GOW game on PC (as far as I'm aware anyway), so hopefully they give us what we want. All we can do is wait!
    2. Weeb
      They'll have made it easy to port xbox games to Windows 10, but I'm not sure they'll put as much effort into it. I'm happy they're at least giving us the chance to play it on pc, cross platform multiplayer would be nice
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    3. Harry
      I'm hoping to see cross platform multiplayer within this game, I'm sure their Microsoft cloud servers, they'll be able to pull it off. That would make the game even better, although I'm not going to hold my breath for such a thing.
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