Gears of War 4 Beta Announced

The horde is on its way, and in Spring 2016 we'll all be able to face it once again. Gears 4 will be released exclusively to Xbox One in December...
  1. RaoulDuke
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    The horde is on its way, and in Spring 2016, we will all be able to face it once again. Seemingly with a new storyline, and new protagonists and enemies, this is the start of the next installment in the Gears of War franchise. Excluding Gears of War: Ultimate Edition that is, which is only a remastered version of the original Gears in the series.

    Not much is known regarding what this next chapter will entail, besides what can be assumed. What can be seen in the gameplay trailer above is that the Lancer assault rifle is still a prominent means of defense (and dismemberment.) Also, it seems there is a new surge of enemies, perhaps not in the normal form of imulsion fueled locusts. The improved graphics implemented here are phenominal, which gives me déjà vu of how blown away most people were after seeing the HD graphics that Gears originally had to offer on Xbox 360.

    I'm personally excited to see what The Coalition has in store for us, and I'm even more so hoping that Gears 4 is a return to the roots of what made this series so groundbreaking, and intriguing to the fanbase it's created. Gears 4 will be released exclusively to Xbox One in December 2016, with the beta coming this Spring.

    Furthermore, anyone looking to gain early access to the Gears 4 beta can do so by purchasing the upcoming Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundle, on its way in August, and by logging in to play Ultimate Edition on Xbox Live by March 1, 2016.





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  1. Master
    I don't want to get my hopes up. All I really ask is a good story.
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  2. 3xTiNcT
    Exciting but not exciting we have to wait so long.
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    1. RaoulDuke
      Very true, but in the end I feel the wait time will surely be worth it. Just to have a further entry in this incredible franchise.
  3. The Irish Assassin
    I swore I wasn't going to get an xbox one as well as the ps4 but for this I'd make an exception, gears is one of my favourite franchises out there.
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  4. CAPiiX
    "Coming first to PS4 with exclusive content"
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    2. aQuackOnDuck
      ^ You forgot to mention The Last of Us too, but that's fine, I'm so jealous of that amazing Halo MCC, as well as all the early release bugged games.
    3. RaoulDuke
      That's true aQuackOnDuck, Ps4 is getting quite a lot of good exclusives. Those two were just the first to come to mind. I'd like to check out that Halo Collection myself but have yet to make the upgrade to Xbox One.
    4. SirSavage
      uncharted and last of us, i kid yuo not that was the only reason i bought a ps3. i mean, after i beat them i sold it but the three omnths i was playing the storyline it was amazing.
  5. RaoulDuke
    Thanks man! I feel the same about Judgement The Finders Cult, I'm not too sure why the developers went a bit awry in the series with that title. I am excited about this new release though, as you mentioned the new characters/enemies should surely bring some new life into a franchise that has long been considered revolutionary in the FPS genre.
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  6. Thelema
    I'd like to start off by congratulating you on this article RaoulDuke, it's very well written.

    Gears of War the first in the series was my favourite game of all time at one point, there was no other game like it. However, somewhere down the line of games they were releasing the series lost my interest. I haven't finished GoW judgement because the game for me is stale, I'm positive a lot of fans feel the same about this title.

    I hope with this new release it'll bring the game back to life for me at least, new enemies and such. All in all GoW 4 looks to be a completely new game, I'm looking forward to playing it like so many others I'd imagine.
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  7. RaoulDuke
    I've been like that with many great game series also Wavy, Gears is surely not one to miss out on though. I just checked around some forums and apparently you can obtain access to the Gears 4 beta by purchasing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on it's own, without the whole console bundle.

    Unfortunately, that's all I could find on how to get involved with the beta.
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  8. Wavy
    Yet another series that I never got into... Now I am interested in it of course. Same thing happened with Fallout, Borderlands, etc. Anyone know how that beta will be distributed though? Will it be a digital code like other games emailed in two days after purchase? I know it says get beta access by buying the geara bundle, but I am not about to drop that much just to get beta access unless I can cancel the order after getting access.
  9. Arxhive
    My body is ready.
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    1. RaoulDuke
      Mine is also lol. It's been a long time since a further installment in the Gears series, at least after Judgement went in a completely different direction from the original outline of what I expect from GoW.