Gearbox Talks About Brothers in Arms and New IP

Gearbox Software's CEO, Randy Pitchford, had a lot of interesting things to say at Develop: Brighton. The two most popular subjects were the new...
  1. Monopolyman
    Gearbox Software is best known for their successful Borderlands series. While this may be their most popular franchise, they also work on a wide variety of different games. Two years ago, their CEO, Randy Pitchford, confirmed that Gearbox is working on two new IPs. We knew one of them was Battleborn, but no details were given on the other game. This week at Develop: Brighton, Pitchford gave out some more information on the second IP and announced a new Brothers In Arms game.

    When Pitchford was asked if we will hear about the new IP soon, his response was “It depends on how you define soon.” This is a rather ambiguous answer, but he then followed up by saying, “You’ll see it before the end of the generation!”. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the game other than the fact that “it’s extremely different to what you’ve seen from us.” Of course, Gearbox will be “taking advantage of what [they have] learned" with their previous games.

    Brothers in Arms was another popular subject at the conference. Gearbox confirmed that a new Brothers in Arms was indeed being worked on. One of the main focuses of the new installment is authenticity. Unfortunately, Gearbox seems to be facing a lot technical and financial barriers. Before much more can be done with the game, they need to find game studios to partner with for development and publishing.

    Sources: IGN, IGN

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  1. Chazay
    “it’s extremely different to what you’ve seen from us.”

    F2P MOBA confirmed
  2. Kayla Fox
    This sounds great :3 Might get it depending on what i hear about it :smile:
      DoX Hoster likes this.
  3. Master
    This is great. I love shooters from the older era. Brother in Arms II might be one of those games I might actually get on Xbox 360 just to get some nostalgic feelings.
  4. Wavy
    Love WW2 style games. Hopefully it will be something worth buying like we are all probably thinking. Though, I'd also like to know more about that new Borderlands they have going...
  5. Arxhive
    It's been a while since we've had a good WW2 game.
  6. Klantra
    Authenticity is a great thing in WWII shooters. Hopefully it doesn't get turned into ground-up garbage.
    1. Durva
      Hells Highway was a blast to play. Nothing more suspenseful then having to charge the flak 88's not knowing if the next shell fired would land right where you are :smile:
    2. Skype
      Heck yeah I had loved playing these type of games.
  7. Durva
    What ever happened to the last Brothers in Arms game that was supposed to come out?
    1. Monopolyman
      They got rid of it and turned the project into Battleborn.
    2. Durva
      At least you knew the exact one I was talking about. Tried asking people at gamestop and they kept bringing up BiA: HH