Day four of Microsoft's Ultimate Game Sale has hit today, with perhaps the most exciting lineup yet!

Today's lineup is decorated with a plethora of the most definitive games in 2013, including the latest instalment in the Gear of War franchise: Judgement. In Judgement, players get to experience the horrors of D-Day through Flashbacks from various members of the Kilo squad, including franchise favourites Cole and Baird. If the campaign doesn't attract your interest, then be sure to check out Judgement's stellar online multiplayer modes; once you get the basics down you may surprise yourself with how addictive it is!

If shooting sub-terrainian monsters isn't your cup of tea, then be sure to check out game of the year candidate Bioshock: Infinite. Released in March this year, Infinite has already soared to the heights of being one of the most critically acclaimed games ever, and by playing the game, you can see why! The best part about it? You need no prior experience with the previous Bioshock titles. Infinite is a standalone game that has no real notable ties to Bioshock one and two, so anyone can jump in!

The rest of today's list is just as star studded as the aforementioned titles, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can!

Day four sale

Bioshock: Infinite – $39.99 USD
Tomb Raider – $19.99 USD
Gears of War Judgement – $29.99 USD
Metal Gear Rising: Revengence – $29.99 USD
Hitman: Absolution – $9.99 USD
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - $19.99 USD