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Gaming 'Smart Ring' Controller Revealed

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.00.36 AM.png

Looking to change the way that gamers play, Titanium Falcon announced this week that they have finished their design for a new interesting, albeit, semi-odd approach for a video game controller. Dubbed the Talon, or "smart ring," and being the first ever form of a gaming controller ring. It's certainly an offbeat take on an accessory, while simultaneously opening the door for a vast amount of possibilities in the future of gaming.

Founded in 2014, Titanium Falcon is a team of highly skilled designers and engineers working on this new project, while also being a company built by business graduates, thus, giving the establishment great capabilities in the marketing and finance fields. Titanium Falcon hopes to get funding/support from fans of this new device by starting an Indiegogo campaign later this month, with a goal of $300,000.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.56.04 AM.png

Utilizing motions, such as Xbox's Kinect, or Playstation's Motion Controller, and also the ability to connect to any smart device (phone, tablet, smart TV, smartwatch, PC/Mac, or VR headset), the Talon uses Bluetooth Low Energy, along with a 9-axis motion control sensor to convert users' hand gestures into the appropriate input for whatever game or application is being played at the time. Additionally, the Talon features two action buttons, and should also be compatible with games across multiple genres including shooting, racing, and sports.

Titanium Falcon is hoping to sell the Talon for under $100, and if all goes well with its Indiegogo campaign, this new device could be available relatively soon, although no estimated release date has been announced. Share your thoughts and opinions about this new piece of tech in the comment section below!
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