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Gaming Console Sales: What Can We Expect?

The sales gap between PS4 and Xbox One has grown so big, and it is getting bigger every year. Predictions insist that PS4 will continue to be the...
  1. Wavy
    Despite which side of the 'Console War' you fall into, there is one thing we can all agree on. PS4 is undoubtedly better at sales. You have probably heard it before that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, but do you know by how much? Or that Microsoft admitted to thinking that may never catch up?

    At the end of 2015, post holiday sales and successful marketing, Sony amassed a total of 36 million consoles sold worldwide. This number was announced as of January 3, 2015 by Sony. On the other spectrum of console gaming, speculations have pinned Microsoft's Xbox One sales at around 19 million sold. This number was formed from the amount of active Xbox One's in a 28-day period. Microsoft did not release an official statement as far as I could find for the same time frame mentioned above. No doubt because they knew the sales gap was huge.

    Now that we have established this marketing trend, what can we expect for the future of console gaming? Wargaming’s creative director and Executive producer, TJ Wagner, predicted PS4 sales to hit 69 million, and Xbox One sales to hit 39 million by 2019 during a presentation from the Game Developer Conference from World of Tanks. These stats were calculated with numerical sales data estimations from Superdata, IDG Consulting, and IHS. All companies reputable and accurate in their predictions.

    As you can see, that gap is only going to get bigger. What does Microsoft actually think about this? Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox Division, was skeptical of Xbox ever making a come back from this, but ensures they are doing everything they can to keep the respect of current customers, as well as gain the respect of new ones. He also shared his thoughts with us last year about this trend we are predicted to see:

    "We’re not motivated by beating Sony, we’re motivated by gaining as many customers as we can."

    At least he remains proud of the work he has accomplished, and is still driven to providing for more customers. Now, were you surprised by the enormous predicted outcome? Do you think these predictions are accurate? Leave a comment and let me know what you make of this!

    Source Article
    World of Tanks Presentation & Data

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  1. ZoE GoDD
    lmao I understand that sony out sold MS, but that return rate for Sony should be brought forward since its a console war, therefore, anything thing dealing with the fall or rise of each console should be post also... PS4 is *** by the way... Just the home screen alone is boring.
    1. Reedradar
      You are truly ignorant. Xbox got the hated Windows 8 tiles....at least ps4 brought something new to the scene and guess what don't own either cause they are a waste of money.
  2. xxllllxxllllxx
    Obviously these skids are retarded. You keep a console out hypothetically for 6 years and you think only 2 good years sales will keep your company afloat. And to the clown ahead of you running his mouth, fanboy kid ill **** on you on any game, any console, face to face, anyday. Do you know what fanboy means you clown lmaoooo gtfo thumb thug/ keyboard warrior. I'm using false info lmaoo check the specs again on the Xbox and the ps4 LMAOOOO small difference. So you can put together bulls*** numbers but facts are facts. Over 100,000 piss station 4's have been returned in the first year and a half, due to cheap fan, faulty controller, disk drive issiues., so before you have heart attacks over your piss stations being garbage know the facts and not some bulls*** off of an outdated forum site LOL. I currently own 36 xb1's and 23 ps4 and counting. Get out the house and socialize scripts
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    2. Reedradar
      Um bud the xbox one dev code to brick it ring a bell to you. The ps4 is a good console. People own both. Get over it. Youll never come near a pc and accept that just like youll have to accept the fact you as well are a illiterate fanboy. Stop. You wont win.
    3. televisedfool
      Nothing like a nonsensical fanboy with adhd. lmao thanks for the good laugh.
    4. PrayerZero
  3. Sean123454321
    Xp lobby ps4 black ops 3 gta_killer_god
    1. Salus
      gt : xxxmlgsniper420xxx inv
  4. NumberedSalmon
    The only difference is the interface and the controller preference. I prefer the Xbox controller, my friends play Xbox, so in turn, I own an Xbox. Why does it matter who sells more as long as one fits your personal preference.
    1. TechSock
      I agree 100%.
      Ind0sliverclub likes this.
  5. Walteri
    Unless Microsoft does something incredible that will tip the balance and make this change to Microsoft beating Sony (again), they're not winning on this gen of consoles. They should've put more money to the hardware and exclusives.
      TechSock likes this.
    1. TechSock
      Yeah, the exclusives were disappointing excluding Tomb Raider.
      Walteri likes this.
    2. Walteri
      Well there are those deal breaking exclusives which have always been on xbox, like halo and forza (dealbreakers for me atleast), games like that. When it comes to racing games, there's no situation where gran turismo beats forza. It just wont happen. I've played both and honestly, Forza easily beats GT.
  6. Salus
    What about #pcmustardrace sales???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!1? 1? 1
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    2. Salus
    3. TechSock
      F*UCKING REKT 1337 TRICKSHOT OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! Something like that?
      Salus likes this.
    4. Walteri
      I see you're new to the gaming community! Welcome!
      Salus likes this.
  7. Red58
    So God creates man, man creates Sony, Sony goes bankrupt, and Microsoft inherits the gaming industry?

    But on a serious note, Sony really is in troubling financial times. They've been having to sell some of their assets just to stay afloat, they need something to really put them back in the game.
    1. televisedfool
      That was one or so years ago. Sony today has really turned things around and the playstation division is a big contributing factor to that as well as them getting rid of assets that were costing them exponentially more then they were making from them.

    2. Red58
      No, they're in a better position than they were, but they're still not that well off. They're not doing so hot with their TV sales, and the invention of streaming and downloadable games hasn't helped with the sales of bluray discs.
  8. XxCrazyPersonxX
    I have a hard time believing this chart is acurate. Also no one has pointed out that the chart says active consoles, not consoles sold. Considering this topic is about sales not active consoles it just doesn't seem to fit.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Reedradar
      Sony also beats them with console sold. Proof I said so. I don't even own one of the "next gen" but I know everyone I ask has either a ps4 or a pc.
    3. XxCrazyPersonxX
      1in 10 people i ask own an ps4 so your opinion holds no grounds.
    4. Reedradar
      Ahhh thrn fan boi. Okay got it. Pc sold more than both. Gg gtfo
  9. Jaytiel8
    Lmao now I can laugh on everyone's face that said Xbox is outselling Sony and that Xbox is better than Sony ps4 lol never will they catch up or equal to the ps4 features and awsome games
    1. View previous replies...
    2. AlienFreek01
      Eh, let's agree to disagree and say they are about the same. All the charts say something different.
    3. Reedradar
      Ps2.....sonys winning
    4. TechSock
  10. 3xTiNcT
    Ehh.. I don't see the gap being that big...
      TechSock likes this.
    1. Wavy
      Yeah, I was skeptical and honestly don't think Sony will get that big of a lead.
    2. 3xTiNcT
      I kind of see it evening out, maybe Sony being higher though.
      Shalour and Wavy like this.
    3. TechSock
      Yeah. I'm fairly sure Sony is leading in sales, but not by these numbers.