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Gamestops' New "More Money" Program Revealed


Information was just released about an hour ago that Gamestop will be starting a new program that gives you more money for games that you want to sell. Starting on August 18th, Gamestops' currently complex trade in system will vanish from the public eye. You will no longer have to purchase pre-orders or follow up with recent promotions to get the most out of your hard earned cash. Instead, any game you decide to sell to Gamestop won't be affected by anything else other than if you want cash or in-store credit, or if you are a Gamestop Rewards member like most people are. In a simpler form, you no longer have to subscribe to their popular Game Informer magazine or put money towards special items to get a discount. Regardless, you will still earn the same amount of money that you should have been getting beforehand.

In a sense, they are bumping the "average base value" of all games that they buy from customers by 20%. Instead of getting $1.30 for a game, you'd be getting roughly around $1.45. It may not be a major difference when it comes to the price, but it will make some people happy. There are many reasons as to why Gamestop is wanting to change things up, but one of the more noticeable reasons is because they were only giving members a fraction of what they payed for the game to begin with. Not only that, but associates at local Gamestop's were having a hard time communicating with consumers due to the heavy amount of trade programs that were going on between different local stores. Others just love the fact that they can take any amount of games to Gamestop and they can get cash or credit quickly.

The term "trade-in" may also become a thing of the past with this new program as well. Of course the trade-in option will still be available, but they will start using the words "buy" or "sell" a lot more often, especially when they are trying to give you more bang for your buck. There has been no comment from Gamestop officially, however it's highly unlikely all of this information is flawed. Several Gamestop employees voiced their opinions when they commented in the source, saying that "it doesn't surprise me the least bit" or "they have needed something like this for awhile now".

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