Following a report that claimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might not launch in March alongside the Nintendo Switch, retailer GameStop has now suggested it could.

As part of the retailer's latest earnings report today, GameStop listed Breath of the Wild as a title it's at least preparing for in the first quarter of calendar 2017, which would be January-March. The slide where this is mentioned is titled "Focused Marketing Calendar," which could only mean that GameStop will begin marketing action at this time. However, during an earnings call, GameStop management suggested that the properties mentioned on the slide pertain to when a product will come out.

Also listed in Q1 2017 are Mass Effect: Andromeda and Injustice 2, as well as the movie Ghost in the Shell. With the exception of Injustice 2, all of these are slated to come out in that time window. Injustice 2 is only confirmed to come out sometime in 2017.

According to Nintendo, Breath of the Wild is only confirmed to come out sometime in 2017. Some might have expected it to be a launch title for the Switch, but this was never confirmed.

Earlier this month, Eurogamer heard from sources that Breath of the Wild won't be a Switch launch title, while a new Mario game could be. Breath of the Wild is also coming to Wii U. Breath of the Wild's localization process is reportedly taking longer than expected; it's rumored that localization won't be finished until the end of December, after which the game will apparently be tested for at least four to six months.

Bear in mind that none of this information comes from Nintendo, which has not commented on the reports.

Source: GameSpot