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GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. Every month has a different theme and this month’s GamerCrate was full of arena-game themed merchandise. All of the content, with the exception of an energy drink, comes from League of Legends, Smite, or Heroes of the Storm.

Most GamerCrates come with a T-shirt that goes with the theme and some sort of food, drink, or supplement. The shirt in this month's crate is a blue League of Legends T-shirt with a graphic of what appears to Ashe. The drink that came with this crate is GamerCrates' Arena edition of their own Fuel Up energy drink. The drink has a citrus flavor and is designed to energize gamers during long gaming sessions.

One of the games that goes with this month’s arena theme is Heroes of the Storm. The first Heroes of the Storm merch is a water bottle. The bottle is metal and comes with a secure twist-on cap and a carabiner. Also included in the crate is a blue and white paracord wristband. The wristband contains a metal plate in the center with the HOTS logo.

In addition the Heroes of the Storm merch, GamerCrates included more items for League of Legends and Smite fans. The crate includes a door handle sign that reads ‘Go Away I’m Playing League’. This sign is perfect for when you want to be left alone in your new League shirt during long League sessions. For Smite players, there is a metal print of Smite artwork. The print includes multiple pantheon logos with various gods from the game in the background.

If you are interesting in buying October’s GamerCrate, it’s not to late. You can head on over to GamerCrates’ website to pick up a past GamerCrate, including this Arena crate. If you are interested in getting future crates you can also visit their website and sign up for one of their many subscription boxes. Be sure to use the code ‘Se7enSins’ for 5% off your purchase!
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