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GamerCrates: A Gaming-Centric Subscription Box Service


GamerCrates offers multiple different services and products, but their most popular service is their monthly GamerCrate subscription. Once you are subscribed, you will receive a new GamerCrate every month. Each month the crate has a different theme which means every box has a unique set of goodies. If you missed a certain month’s crate, you can check their store to see if they still have past crates in stock.

If you’re not interested in obtaining new merch every month, you can also subscribe to the SnackPack service. SnackPacks are similar to GamerCrates but they are full of food. Each SnackPack contains snacks such as JerkyXP Beef Sticks and drink supplements like Gamma Labs G-Fuel. Depending on how frequently you want the snacks, you can sign up to get a SnackPack every week, two weeks, or every month.

Se7enSins has gotten in touch with GamerCrates and they were kind enough to send us May’s crate to us for review. During most months GamerCrates are full of a variety of different types of merch. However, since May’s theme was energy most of the items are food-related items, similar to their SnackPack service. The one exception to this is the included “game, energize, game some more” t-shirt.

A video unboxing of the crate showing all the contents of the crate.

The first thing I noticed when opening the crate was the Energy Gummi Bears. Gummi Bears aren’t typically a snack I think of when gaming, but I genuinely enjoyed the berry flavor. There is also a pack of citrus Gummi Bears but the taste of vitamins overcame the citrus flavoring. They could definitely be used in a last minute attempt to energize yourself, but they are not something I would eat otherwise.

The other food that are included in the crate are JXP beef and cheese sticks and Viter Energy mints. I am generally not a huge fan of beef sticks, so I can’t say much about the JXP sticks other than they taste as you expect a beef and cheese stick to taste. Much like the Gummi Bears, mints aren’t a stereotypical gamer snack. The Viter Energy mints were mediocre as the mint flavor itself doesn’t completely get rid of the taste of the vitamins and caffeine. However, I think these offer a great way to energize yourself and the taste is certainly bearable. I can definitely see the Viter Energy mints being a better-tasting replacement for something more common like coffee or five-hour energy.

The crate also included two different drink powders, Honey Badger Hydration Recovery and G Fuel. I’ve heard a lot about G Fuel but never personally tried it. When I tried the pink lemonade flavor I thought it tasted pretty good. My main complaint is that it was a bit strong and even after using the included mixing cup with the correct amount of water it still felt a bit powdery. The Honey Badger drink supplement didn’t taste as good as G Fuel and I would much rather have something like Gatorade for hydration.

Overall I’m rather pleased with my GamerCrates experience. Initially I was a bit underwhelmed by the crate I received since it was mostly food rather than merch, but I definitely see the value in subscribing to GamerCrates. By looking at their past crates it easy to tell that they offer a wide variety of items in their crates. If you are someone who is always looking for new gaming-related t-shirts and merch, I can definitely recommend you check out GamerCrates.
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