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Gamer Sets New World Record in Dark Souls


If there’s one thing I enjoy as a gamer, it’s a good challenge. From my first attempt to score 100% completion in Banjo Kazooie, to trying to beat Halo 2 on Legendary with all skulls on, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as replaying your favorite games with a new twist, tying one hand behind your back so to speak, and replaying it with new constraints. However, what do you do once you’ve run out of challenges, when you’ve beaten your favorite game too many times to count? Well you could try speedrunning your favorite game, for one, and Twitch streamer and speedrunner, Kahmul78, has done exactly that.

For those of you who are unaware, speedrunning is broken into categories, such as a 100% run, or an Any % run, and Kahmul has just taken the world record in the Any % category for Dark Souls, as of January 18th, completing the game in a very impressive 49:55. However, Kahmul is, himself, unimpressed with the run. In fact, several times during the run he mentions that this run could be much better, saying "that was a really bad run. That was a really bad run. It was so bad" and even in the description for the Video on Demand, he says that "this will be beaten very soon" If you're familiar with speedrunners, this manner of self-criticism is nothing surprising, as a dedicated runner is always looking to improve their route, however, I feel that Mr. Kahmul should give himself credit where credit is due. My own journey through Lordran has taken nearly 60 hours to complete, let alone in under 50 minutes.

If you're interested in seeing the run yourself, and I know I was, you can find it here. If you're interested in learning more about speedrunning, I highly recommend checking out Games Done Quick, an amazing group of people who get together twice a year and play video games for charity, and if you're interested in watching past Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick, you can find them on YouTube.

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