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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 5 Review

Thanks to an early leak, the latest Game of Thrones episode has been available to watch. Here are my thoughts on this eventful episode, beware of...
  1. Deadpool
    I'm going to try to mix this one up a bit and stray from a synopsis of sorts to more of an in-depth review, focusing more on my thoughts on this episode rather than its plot with my commentary and input added in. With that being said, as always, this article is dark and full of spoilers, tread no further if you haven't seen this addition, I couldn't stress this anymore with this episode. So, without any further ado, onto the review.

    This episode was just heartbreaking. I just finished watching it a little while ago and I'm still recovering from that last scene. In my opinion, that was one of, if not the, saddest death yet. I feel many other deaths mostly touched on the shock factor, for example, we didn't expect Ned to die in season one (unless you read the books beforehand) or The Red Wedding even. Personally, those weren't tearjerkers to me really, they were jaw-droppers. Hodor's (presumable) death on the other hand, as well as his origins, really got to me though. It was pretty gut-wrenching, in my opinion. Not only that but now Bran is hit with the realization that Hodor has been well, the way he was, because of him. It's clear now, that Bran can alter history and cause the events that we see in the present time. As of now, I have no idea where his story is going to take him. With Hodor, Summer, and The Three Eyed Raven all dying, his world just became much more bleak.

    That's not even all the emotion that was found in this episode. The scene with Dany and Jorah was also very heartfelt and provided some closure for Jorah's feelings for her. I don't think this is the last time we see him; I hope not at least. I do think the chances of him finding a cure are rather slim, though. I really thought it was nice to see Dany be humanized for once. She's always acting tough or acting like a ruler, but it was good to see her being stripped of that stigma and to just see her with raw, human emotion.

    We also had the moment with Sansa, Brienne, and Littlefinger. After all this time, I still can't tell when or if Littlefinger is sincere or not. He claims to not know of how demented and diabolical Ramsay is, but I'm not quick to believe anything he says really. After Sansa's implications of Ramsay raping her and promptly telling Peter she never wishes to see him again, he alludes to something, her great uncle, "Blackfish" is back and is gathering an army. I don't know too much about this character really, I've heard bits and pieces, and from what I've heard, he's kind of a badass. I'm looking forward to seeing his reveal and hopefully some more of Baelish as well, I have a strong feeling it's not the last time we see him.

    Not very much happened at Castle Black this time and that's fine, in my opinion. It's been a focus for the past few episodes and its decrease in focus this episode left room for more emotional scenes through Dany and Bran's storylines. We did get to see another glimpse of Brienne and Tormund and I loved it, really. I can't remember another time we saw Tormund so "human" and "innocent" he's like a giddy school-boy, it's great. I really like this side to him, it's rather enjoyable to see and I certainly hope there is more to come, as well as some (hopeful) reciprocation from Brienne, but one can only hope.

    Euron Greyjoy. Now this is an interesting character. I can't really tell what his motives are besides being an a-hole to his family and doing whatever he can to get what he wants. First killing his brother, then taking the throne, then promptly wanting to murder his niece and nephew, right after poor Theon had something going for him. He want's to join forces with Dany to take the throne but I can't possibly see this happening. Personally, I see this story coming to an abrupt end one way or another for him, and not in a good way.

    In terms of the deeper stuff found in this episode, we learned the origin of the White Walkers as well as confirmation that time travel/loops works in this universe. We saw the origin of the Night's King as well as their motives, which was rather interesting to see. What's more interesting to see, that I touched on earlier, was the fact that Bran can indeed alter the history and course of events as we know it. He's actually the cause of Wylis -> Hodor and he has to live with that realization now. I don't really know what that means in the broader scope of things and in the long run, for all we know, Bran can be the cause of a lot of events that we've seen. I'm not entirely sure what The Three Eyed Raven meant when he said "it's time for you to become me." Perhaps he meant living with that realization and responsibility.

    Overall, this episode was incredibly well done, very eventful, and incredibly emotional. Season 6 has continued to be an excellent season, certainly one of the best, and there is still much more to come. We have Bastardbowl and (possibly, hopefully) Cleganebowl. Not to mention furthering Dany's storyline as well as Jon's and what's to come for him after that inevitable battle. Yes, I'm still recovering from Hodor's death.

    Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this review as well as my different spin on it I'd appreciate your comments on that as well as what you thought about the episode. Are you still grieving? What do you expect next episode? Let us know below!

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  1. Kanee
    my mum doesnt let me watch game of thrones ;(
      David Bowie likes this.
    1. Scarlett Johansson
      Watch it on your phone.
      Kanee and David Bowie like this.
    2. Kanee
      lol I'm not really interested in it any ways I'm more into zombies,drugs and gangs movies or TV shows.
  2. bbbilly
  3. II{-_-}II
    Just so you know, Blackfish has already made an appearance in the HBO series. He meets up with the Starks for the Tulley funeral and is the one who shoots the fire arrow at the funeral. He then attends the "Red Wedding" and after the killing I think it was Bolton who said Blackfish escaped with Fray responding that it doesn't matter. He actually had quite a bit of screen time in those episodes.

    I'm assuming you haven't read the books, which is good if you're reviewing the HBO series only, but you should go back and watch the series if you have time.
    1. II{-_-}II
      Also, why don't you think Jorah will get cured? The daughter of Stanis had it on her face and was cured, so I would guess he seeks out whoever cured her and it appears he has all sorts of time.
    2. Deadpool
      I've read some of the books, and completely forgot about seeing blackfish before, pardon the error.

      I guess we don't see too many happy endings always and I think that would be another. Stannis was royalty after all, I feel he had easier access to that sort of stuff.
    3. II{-_-}II
      Well I guess Black fish's part wasn't huge in the books yet either then.

      With Jorah, he'll probably have a part to play either way.
  4. Mook
    The cuts between Wylis and Hodor while Hodor was holding the door were phenomenal. Brans realization that Hodor is the way he is because of himself, along with Hodors presumed death was enough to make me tear up. Great episode, and I don't know how they're going to top themselves.
      Deadpool likes this.
  5. Claws
    No way is hodor dead, he's probably under a dumpster or something. I mean, we never saw him die :/

    As for Bran/3 eyed raven. What if Bran is the three eyed raven in a time loop? A self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.
      DjOpzNick likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Claws
      Exactly. Now that we've found out that whatever he does in the past is already shown in the future, anything up to this point could have been influenced by his past actions. I'm pretty curious to see how his abilities play out.
    3. Lulu
      I'm curious as to how the Night's King was able to come into contact like that with Bran. Makes me wonder if there's more to the former Lord Commander than we already know.
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    4. Keeley Hazell
      I'm kind of confused though.. Because in the books it says the Night's King was a Lord Commander who lived during the Age of the Heroes.. but in the show we see that he was a human during the War of the First Men who was transformed into a White Walker.. Seems to me like they aren't going off the books(P.S I haven't read them just looked into them a bit)
  6. Scarlett Johansson
    HODOR! #NeverForget
  7. sxovo
    yo how did this episode leak? this one or the next one leak?
    1. Deadpool
      HBO screwed up and leaked it early, doubt it will happen again.
  8. Night
    Oh and I assume that the Three Eyed Raven is like a position of honor/knowledge within the culture of the Children. Judging by the old Raven, I'd say it must be a human with the warg abilities, perhaps even only those who can take control of other people. By saying "becoming him" I think he meant that after he uploaded all those memories to Bran that he would be the new Raven. I feel like at the end of the information upload that Bran is getting, the Children will come in and unlock the powers within him or something.
    1. Scarlett Johansson
      The children of the forest are extinct now.
  9. Night
    Bran being able to alter things in the past is something I didn't really see coming, tbh. Of course now we all want to know how Martin and the producers are going to handle that element. You see Bran cause Hodor to go crazy by warging into a past version of Hodor, but Hodor was already like that in Bran's timeline. So does that mean that Bran can't actually change things, considering any changes he makes would already be reflected in the current timeline?
      Mook and Keeley Hazell like this.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      I don't think Bran could change the past entirely, I feel like what happened with Hodor was fate. Like you said at the end there I think that his actions are already reflected in the current timeline. When Meera was yelling for Bran while him and the raven were in the flashback the raven acted as if he knew everything that was about to come.. and to me that makes perfect sense. I wanna know how the Children lost control of the Walkers.. it seems like it's a classic case of Creators vs Robots but GoT is full of so many twists.. who knows O.o
      Mook likes this.
  10. denz
    Hold The Door (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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