Battlefield 4 will be releasing later this year as many of you already know and it features DICE's new Frostbite 3 engine that's been completely rebuilt. What does this mean for us gamers? It means that graphics, physics, and everything else is getting a brand new makeover! The engine controls how things react when blown up, how trees move, how the waves in the ocean move, pretty much everything. So this video will give you some actual footage and commentary about there brand new engine in Battlefield 4!

If you watched that video and paid attention then you would have noticed that the engine is not just being used for Battlefield 4 but also for Need for Speed, Command and Conquer, Dragon Age Inquisition, and other future games as well. So your racing games are going to look, feel, and play better. Other details aren't for sure yet, but i would definitely expect more details to leak out about this new engine and its greatness as we get closer to Battlefield 4's release date.

My only question for you guys is how did this video make you feel? Did it excite you more or give you that "i feel like they could have done so much more" feeling? Please don't be afraid to respond below with your thoughts, opinions, or concerns. :smile: