A variety of new content is on the way to Friday the 13th, developer IllFonic has announced. A newly launched website for the game has revealed the first details on a number of additions that are on the way, though in many cases these were teases more than full announcements.

Chief among them is that a new playable Jason is coming. IllFonic had almost no specifics to share, but it did say will feature unique kills. Meanwhile, all existing versions of Jason will receive new kills, though specifics numbers or details weren't shared. You can see some behind-the-scenes shots from a motion-capture session in the gallery below, which may provide some hints about what to expect from the kills.

The Retro Jason (released back in June as an apology for issues plaguing the game) will be temporarily removed. This is in order to provide it with a "little TLC work" that will take about a month. At least part of the overhaul will consist of new music that plays for players on both sides in a match.

Multiple new maps are in development, but one in particular will launch "sooner than you might think." It will be released for free, and while its setting hasn't been revealed, IllFonic said it's "ripped straight from the films." This is separate from the recent news that several existing maps are being modified to also have smaller, denser versions.

Two new counselors are also on the way; IllFonic teased that they could be complete newcomers or existing Friday the 13th characters. A new clothing pack will allow you to customize your counselors' looks, as will the Spring Break 1984 clothing pack. This beach-themed DLC launches "soon" and consists of bikinis and swimsuits for $4, though it will be available at a discounted price of $2 for a limited time (international pricing hasn't been announced). One of the outfits can be seen in the gallery above.

Finally, a free emote pack is on the way that consists of eight different gestures, including a very over-enthusiastic thumbs-up. This will coincide with the addition of a new UI for gestures, allowing you to select emotes for each counselor.

Among all of these announcements, there was no word regarding Friday the 13th's single-player component. Most recently, IllFonic said this was due out by the end of summer, which means it should arrive in the next month, though it's unclear if the schedule for its release has changed.

Despite a rough start, Friday the 13th has sold about two million copies. One major change that was announced this month is the removal of team-killing, an issue that has seen "rampant" abuse. It will now be impossible to kill teammates with weapons, though hitting them with a vehicle will still do Jason's work for him.

Source: GameSpot