Though Fortnite is dominating a lot of the conversation around the battle royale genre in recent days and weeks, PUBG is still pushing ahead and performing well. On Xbox One, the game recently passed 5 million players, Microsoft announced today.

The game, which launched in December, reached 1 million players on Xbox One in its first 48 hours, 3 million as of the start of January, and 4 million by the end of that month. We don't know if the game has sold exactly that many copies, but it is clear that PUBG is a big hit on console.

To celebrate the 5 million player milestone, developer PUBG Corp. is giving away a free cosmetic item, the PUBG 5 jacket. Everyone who bought the game and created a character as of March 22 at 12:01 AM PT will get the free DLC.

Unlike other Game Preview titles, PUBG on Xbox One does not offer a free trial, which may have helped improve sales.

Additionally, PUBG Corp. released an info graphic that shows off some big-time stats about the game. Almost 5 million people have won chicken dinners, with the average time to win coming in at 34 minutes. 4.6 billion bandages have been used, while around 41 million people died by way of failing to escape the storm. 952,312 people were killed by way of the game's trademark frying pan.

While Fortnite might have eaten away at PUBG's dominance to an extent (thanks in part to Drake), the game remains immensely popular on Xbox One and PC. On PC, the game hit 2.5 concurrent players on Steam today, which is well ahead of the No. 2 game--CS: GO--which had around 540,000 concurrent users today, according to Steam's public data.

PUBG is only available for console on Xbox One thanks to a timed-exclusive partnership Microsoft has with PUBG's publisher. Though no official announcements have been made, PUBG Corp. has said it wants to bring the game to every platform, so a PS4 edition sounds more like a matter of when not if.

Source: GameSpot