January's lineup of PS Plus games may no longer be available, but Plus members now have a new batch of freebies to download. February's selection of free PS Plus games have arrived, giving subscribers a chance to snag another handful of PS4, PS3, and Vita titles at no cost.

PS4 owners have two new games to download this month: the PS4 launch title Knack and the Ico-esque adventure game Rime. Additionally, one of last month's freebies, the PSVR shooter Starblood Arena, is also still available at no cost for PS Plus subscribers until March 6.

PS3 owners likewise have two games to choose from this month: the 2D platformer Spelunker HD and the turn-based RPG Mugen Souls Z. Those with a Vita, meanwhile, will be able to download the side-scrolling adventure game Exile's End and the tactical RPG Grand Kingdom for no cost. The latter is also playable on PS4 thanks to Cross-Buy, giving PS4 owners three potential freebies to download this month.

The full lineup of February's free PS Plus games is listed below. You can claim this month's freebies from the PlayStation Store here. Today also marks the start of a new in the PS Store. We'll report back with those deals soon.

Free PS Plus Games For February 2018

  • Knack
  • Rime
  • Grand Kingdom
  • Spelunker HD
  • Mugen Souls Z
PS Vita
  • Grand Kingdom
  • Exile's End

Source: GameSpot