A free trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available on all platforms. BioWare announced on Twitter that everyone across PS4, Xbox One, and PC can try out the spacefaring RPG for the low, low price of free right now.

BioWare put out a sizzle reel of sorts to promote the trial, which you can see below. A post on the game's website confirms that the trial lets you play for 10 hours.

You can download the Andromeda free trial right now using the links below.
According to DualShockers, the Andromeda free trial is similar to the one that EA/Origin Access members have had access to for months now. It reportedly lets you try the first planet, Eos, with support for both single-player and multiplayer. All progress will carry forward to the full game, should you decide to pick it up after the trial ends.

In other news, a recently released patch for Andromeda added a new difficulty mode for multiplayer and made improvements to facial animations and cinematics. You can see the full patch notes here.

Androemda launched in March. Though it did not resonate all that strongly with critics, EA CEO Andrew Wilson later said the franchise still has a bright future. A report from Kotaku claimed that EA put the Mass Effect series on hiatus and re-assigned developers to other projects instead of launching into a sequel right away.

Source: GameSpot