The free-to-play PC MMO Trove's latest update is available now, and we got to check it out ahead of time. In the gameplay clip above you can catch a glimpse of a few of the new elements that are available in the game now.

While there are some major UI improvements and lots of immediately noticeable small fixes, one of the big changes is to how the club system works. The entire system has been revamped, making it easier to group up with friends and get treasure. You'll also be able to create massive Fixtures that spawn NPCs who can send you on new quests that earn club-wide rewards and group buffs.

Other big additions (some of which you can check out above) include:

  • The new Forbidden Spires Biome: The East Asian theme is accented with new ore to collect, which introduces a better gear type. Note, that we're playing in a test server with a few cheats turned on to show off everything.
  • New mounts, like the phoenix-like Onbari.
  • LED lighting elements with 14 colors for customizing your playspaces.
  • Pre-built structures that let you create entire building elements with a single piece.
  • New dungeons, one of which is a dragon flying high above the new area.
  • Several new weapons.
  • And an updated tutorial experience for new players.
Source: GameSpot