FPS Energy™ Giveaway - A Revolutionary New Gaming Supplement​

Greetings Se7ensins Members!

We are proud to announce that Neogenics is partnering with Se7enSins, and we are kicking off that partnership by giving away 7 bottles of FPS Energy™ exclusively to Se7enSins members!

To enter the giveaway, either click the image above or visit http://getfps.com/pages/exclusive-se7ensins-fps-energy-giveaway?rfsn=328551.69cfc4

We know you guys and gals take gaming pretty seriously. So do we! That is exactly why we created FPS Energy™ with gamers in mind. Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge, fuel for an extended gaming session, increased focus, or decreased stress, FPS Energy™ delivers. Better yet, our clinically studied ingredients allow us to do this without all the negative aspects that other leading energy drinks and supplements bring to the table.

FPS Energy™ exclusively uses all natural, clinically studied ingredients which has resulted in the cleanest and most effective energy supplement available on planet Earth.

More information about our product, the clinically studied ingredients we use, and customer reviews can be found at www.getfps.com.

*Giveaway Details: We will be giving away 7 bottles of FPS Energy™ exclusively to Se7enSins members! All you need to do to enter your name and e-mail. Extra entries awarded according to contest rules. We will contact winners by email when the giveaway period ends. Must be 18 to enter. Available to US residents only. See www.getfps.com for more details.


AzzidReign's Review:
Hey guys! I wanted to give my personal feedback on this product. Before promoting a product like this for everyone on the site, I wanted to ask the creators some questions and test the product out myself. Their process and raw material is clean. The ingredients are great too! It doesn't contain as many ingredients as other products I've used so I told them I would do some A/B testing with other similar supplements I have (1 from amazon, and 1 from the professional line that I have access to that the public typically doesn't unless they go through someone like me).

The serving size is 2 tablets. I've never been one to drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks so with all the products I use, I typically use half the serving size due to the amount of caffeine in each. 1 of the products contained 100mg of caffeine per tablet (serving size is 2 for 200mg), the other was 95mg of caffeine. Out of all 3, I must say I do like FPS much better and plan on continuing to buy it. I typically need a boost in energy to get through my day with patients and to be in a good mood. And in regards to mood, this was the only product to put me in a great mood each time I took it and took me a few times to even notice it....it was my receptionist and a few patients who made mention to it each day I was on it.

FPS gave me sustained energy throughout the day while the other 2, I felt I need to take the 2nd half of my 1/2 serving after lunch, while FPS I didn't feel that need.

I'm a chiropractor with a pregnant wife and a 2 1/2 year old child who doesn't fall asleep until ~12am-3am each night leaving me with very little sleep by the time I have to get up to go to the office. If you have kids and need the energy to keep up with them, this is a great product! It's not a jittery "high", it's almost euphoric (which good nootropics are explained that way). Makes you want to be productive. If you just want better focus for your studies or long gaming sessions, this will give it to you!

I do highly recommend trying this. The price point is a bit higher than one of the products that I bought (from amazon), but imo, it is worth it, especially since I only need 1/2 the serving size. For those that also take caffeinated supplements or nootropics, do some A/B testing yourself and let us all know!

Enter the contest and win a bottle! You'll be glad you do! In the future, if everyone who receives a bottle is happy, I plan on talking to them about putting a sample size into our Se7enSins gamercrate as it is much healthier taking 1 of those than an energy drink (with chemicals, dyes, and sugar...unless sugar free, then artificial sugars are worse).

To clarify, I have not been paid for this review. I was given a sample after they gave answers to my initial questions that I was happy with. I told them if it didn't perform well, especially with the A/B testing I was going to do, then I won't be partnering and promoting the product. See the first comment for more info and copy pasta from my conversation with them: