Microsoft has added another handful of titles to Xbox One's backwards compatible catalog. Four more Xbox 360 games are now available to play on the current-generation console.

Headlining the new batch of backwards compatible titles is Persona 4 Arena, the fighting game spin-off of Atlus's RPG series. It's joined by Disney's Cars: Mater-National Championship and the Xbox Live Arcade games, Jewel Quest and Tecmo Bowl Throwback.

As always, if you already own the disc, you can simply pop it into your Xbox One and begin playing; games that you own digitally will be waiting in the Ready to Download section of My Games and Apps. All four titles are also available to purchase from the Xbox Store.

Aside from these four games, November has only brought one other Xbox One backwards compatible title so far: Deadly Premonition, which was added to the backwards compatibility catalog on November 3. Last month, meanwhile, added a number of notable releases, including the first original Xbox backwards compatible games. You can check out our full list to see all of the Xbox One backwards compatible games.

Source: GameSpot