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Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360 will never be receiving DLC


The newly-released open-world racing game Forza Horizon 2 has recently been a great topic of discussion. It was released on September 30th and has gained great reviews from critics and has had a great response from the community so far. Yesterday, Forza Horizon 2 received its first DLC pack on the Xbox One containing 6 cars but today we learn that Turn 10 Studios, one of the development studios responsible for Forza Horizon 2, have confirmed that there will be no DLC released for the Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2.

Forza Horizon 2 was launched on September 30th in North America and on October 2nd and October 3rd in Australia and Europe. Many fans highly anticipated the launch of this sequel and many were not disappointed. Over the course of the original Forza Horizon’s lifespan, it received around roughly 12 DLC packs which all contained a handful of extra cars. This allowed for the games lifespan to increase since gamers did not find themselves bored because there were always a few cars which they haven't tried out and mastered. The lack of DLC on the Xbox 360 edition is certainly a surprise to some players who feel neglected by the developers for not switching over to the Xbox One earlier.


Brian Eckberg, a forum manager over at the Forza Forums website explained the reasoning behind this decision. He says, "I’ve seen a lot of questions from community members about certain features and functionality on the Xbox 360 version of the game, including questions regarding DLC and Forza Rewards for the 360 version of the game, To clarify: We are currently planning to release DLC only for the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2." He continued on to say, " Forza Rewards benefits are only available in the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2. This means that Xbox 360 players will not receive Forza Rewards credits or cars. In addition, progress in the 360 version of Forza Horizon 2 does not count towards your Forza Rewards Tier Level score. Only progress in the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2 will count towards your overall Forza Score (and Tier Level) in Forza Rewards."

The lack DLC on the Xbox 360 is certainly a huge let down for some gamers. It was previously hinted at by a few of the development teams that Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360 would have a few things cut out of it compared to the Xbox One version, but DLC was never mentioned before. Any hardcore Forza fan who is still playing on the Xbox 360 will have to make the switch over to the Xbox One soon to enjoy as much as possible from Forza Horizon 2, as the Xbox 360 version is looking more like a game for casual gamers so far.

What do you think of this announcement? Do you think it was a wise marketing plan on the developer’s part to have no DLC for the Xbox 360? How do you feel about this if you own Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360? Leave your thoughts down below.

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