Fortnite's latest patch is out now, after Epic Games' server maintenance went longer than anticipated. However, the game is back up and running now and features some tweaks and and improvements to various parts of the game.

Following issues with server maintenance, update 2.3.0 was released to Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it focuses a lot on bug fixes, item balancing, and small, quality-of-life improvements. For example, Epic has added auto-run to the game, triggered by pressing "=" and "NumLock" on PC, and by double-clicking the left stick on consoles. In addition, it has added the Chug Jug item, which takes 15 seconds to consume but grants max Health and Shields. Additionally, you'll no longer earn stat or challenge progress when quitting a match early. Those will only be awarded upon elimination or victory.

In the Save the World game mode, the Mutant Storm Event has begun once again. This time around, Mutant Storms will appear more frequently, and Mutant Storm mission alerts award Storm Tickets as well as Evolution Materials. You can see the rest of the Mutant Storm features and additions in the patch notes.

Epic originally took Fortnite down late last night in order to work on its servers and deploy the update, but the outage lasted longer than it anticipated. According to a post by Epic on Fortnite's subreddit, the outage resulted from issues with a database.

"During our downtime to upgrade to 2.3, we were performing recommended tasks to resolve a lingering database issue," it wrote. 'Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad state. After significant consideration, we decided our best option was to restore from a backup at the moment we took the servers down for the patch. Our first restore failed (due to issues unrelated with the quality of the backup) and we're working on a second attempt at the restore. We're on it and it will be up as soon as humanly possible."

Finally, about 14 hours after Fornite was taken down, it went live again, complete with the new 2.3.0 patch. In other news, Fortnite received an even more substantial patch that significantly reworked the map.

Source: GameSpot