Fortnite is getting into the holiday spirit. Starting today, its holiday-themed event for the PvE Save the World mode is now live, adding a whole bunch of new activities and items to try out. It's part of a bigger update that also includes some changes and additions for the Battle Royale mode. Survive the Holidays is highlighted by a new questline that tasks you with bringing "the holiday spirit to everyone in the husk-ridden world," according to developer Epic's patch notes. You'll get a bunch of Snowflake tickets for participating in the event, which can be used to buy special items like Holiday Survival Llamas.

In addition, the update adds several, more difficult versions of certain mini-bosses. Husk, Husky, and Smasher have all been made tougher and feature randomized gameplay variations. The update also overhauls the Survive the Storm mode, which features a winter-themed map, 3-day and 7-day versions, and new enemies.

Finally, Survive the Holidays also adds new Heroes and weapons. You can now play as Sarah Claus (an Alchemist), Blitzen BASE Kyle (a Warden), Snow Stalker Jonesy (a Demolisher), and Fragment Flurry Jess (a Reclaimer). On the weapons side, you can try out a couple of new snipers and a snowball launcher.

The Battle Royale mode also gets a few winter-themed additions. You can try out the Snowball Launcher, and there'll also be a holiday Battle Bus as well as "other gifts waiting for you around the island." Epic also implemented a bunch of tweaks and changes to gameplay, which you can read about over at its website.

All of this is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This event marks the beginning of Fortnite Season 2, which comes with a lot of other items and activities. Buying a new Battle Pass will get you access to all the cosmetics Season 2 runs from now until February 20, and you can read all of its patch notes here.

Source: GameSpot