Following a day-long delay, Epic Games has released the newest update for Fortnite. The 3.3 patch adds new content to both Battle Royale and Save the World modes, with the former getting several new features.

First up for Battle Royale is a new weapon, remote explosives. These are pretty self-explanatory, allowing you to place a bomb and then detonate it from a distance. These appear to be ideal for dealing with player-built fortresses. They are a Rare-level rarity item and their addition has resulted in Smoke Grenades being "vaulted," meaning those are no longer available in-game for the time being. Remote Explosives come in stacks of four, with a maximum of 10.

Remote explosives can be found in treasure chests or supply drops, as floor loot, or through Supply Llamas, another of this patch's new features. These are essentially treasure chests found in unusual locations that will reward you with good loot.

Also notable is that a new limited-time mode, Blitz, launches on March 19; it consists of more fast-paced matches that feature a 15-minute time limit. Various bugs have also been fixed, and Epic says it's made improvements to the visual effect when you're hit by a bullet that should make it easier to tell which direction it came from.

For Save the World players, a new Spring It On chapter, Luck of the Storm, is now available with new rewards, including St. Patrick's Day-themed heroes. Epic has also made some changes to stat caps and rolled back patch 3.2's adjustments to critical chance.

Next, we have Fortnite's recent Teams of 20 mode that has come to an end, but players won't have to wait long to jump into the next limited-time event for Battle Royale. Epic has revealed that the next special mode coming to the popular free-to-play game will be Blitz, and it kicks off on PS4, Xbox One, and PC early next week.

As previously detailed, Blitz mode features much shorter match times than usual, which Epic says results in "faster [and] more intense matches." The maximum duration of a match in Blitz mode is 15 minutes, and each one begins with the storm circle already closing in.

To go along with the shortened match times, Epic has adjusted loot availability in Blitz mode. Most notably, the likelihood that treasure chests and ammo boxes will spawn during a match has been significantly increased. Likewise, the spawn interval of Supply Drops and their descent time has been decreased, while Floor Loot spawns "nearly 100% of the time." Harvest resources have also been doubled, and resources found in loot has been increased.

Blitz mode begins in Battle Royale on March 19. Epic hasn't announced an exact end date for the event, but limited-time modes typically run for a week. You can find more details about Blitz mode on the official Fortnite website.

Source: GameSpot