Following a slight delay, Epic has deployed the latest patch for Fortnite. Update 4.2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile, and it brings a handful of new items and some gameplay adjustments to both Battle Royale and Save the World.

On the Battle Royale side, Epic Games has introduced Epic and Legendary variants of the Burst Assault Rifle, which can be found as floor loot or in treasure chests, supply drops, or vending machines. Like other Burst Assault Rifles, the Epic and Legendary variants use medium ammo and have the same damage fall-off ranges.

Additionally, update 4.2 adds a new consumable to Battle Royale: apples. These can be found near certain trees around the map and restore five health points when eaten. Epic has also increased the drop rate for the Impulse Grenade by 5%, while a handful of items receive balance tweaks.

Specifically, Epic has buffed the Suppressed Machine Gun. Both its damage and accuracy reset speed has been increased, as well as its damage falloff range. The Damage Trap, meanwhile, has been nerfed. It now does 75 damage (down from 125), although its reset time has been slightly decreased by one second. The damage radius and the throw distance of the Remote Explosives have been increased, and they now damage all structures within their range.

Other notable changes in the update include a new auto-pickup option for the PC and console versions, which lets players automatically acquire items when they walk over them (provided they have enough space in their inventory). Epic has also addressed a variety of bugs and performance issues. You can find the full list of changes in the patch notes on Fortnite's website.

Source: GameSpot