Following a long stretch of downtime related to maintenance yesterday, Fortnite's servers are again experiencing issues today, January 26. Epic Games has confirmed log-in issues on PC, PS4, and Xbox One--if you're unable to get online to play, you're not the only one.

Epic confirmed log-in issues on PS4 earlier today, which presumably were related to the issues that PSN was suffering from. However, Xbox Live's status page calls out Fortnite: Battle Royale as "experiencing an issue," and Fortnite's Twitter account has confirmed the problem is not limited to a single system.

"We're getting reports of players having issues logging in across all platforms," it states. "We hear you and are aware of this problem. Work is being done now to find a solution for this. Updates will be available once we have more information. Thanks for sticking with us!"

These issues come a day after Epic was forced to extend server downtime due to an issue that cropped up during maintenance. That maintenance was tied to the release of a new update that introduced the Chug Jug item, among other changes and fixes. However, the patch's release resulted in a series of bugs. One of these, related to key-binding issues on certain keyboards, has already been resolved, but Epic is continuing to work on others, according to its forums. These include getting stuck in the aim-down-sights view, reloading not working correctly, and problems with the building selector's UI (which causes the incorrect structure to be built).

There's no timeframe for when servers will be fully working again or those bugs will be resolved. We'll report back as we receive more details.

Source: GameSpot