Following the launch of a pair of updates this week, Fortnite is suffering from some server problems today. These are causing players to wait in queues, and while Epic is working on the situation, there's another matter to be aware of on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile.

After the 3.4.1 patch was released earlier today, Epic confirmed on Twitter that players were experiencing "longer than normal matchmaking times." Its status page also outlines the various areas of the game that are experiencing a "partial outage," which for most people means it's taking a long time to either get online or into matches.

"We're still working to resolve these backend service issues and will let you know once we've seen recovery," Epic said. "We know you want to get back out there and appreciate your patience as we work through these problems."

In order to help "relieve stress" on Fortnite's backend, the display of stats in-game is being disabled. However, the dev insists your stats are still being recorded and will be displayed properly after the problems have been resolved; this is merely a temporary measure that cuts off your ability to see accumulated stats. There's no estimate for when all of this will be resolved, but we'll report back as more details are shared.

This problem follows another issue after the release of update 3.4 that caused progress and XP to not be recorded in Save the World missions and Battle Royale's new Sniper Shootout limited-time mode. That issue has since been fixed, and another, unrelated patch--3.4.1--was released today to deal with some other problems.

Source: GameSpot