Fortnite Season 6 is just around the corner. Epic has confirmed that the new season will release on Thursday, September 27 to follow shortly after the end of Season 5 on Tuesday, September 25. Unlike some other seasons, though, Epic hasn't been quite as clear about its hints of what's to come.

First, a primer. In August, lightning bolts struck the desert and left a glowing purple cube. It had a few strange properties like recharging shields and bouncing players off if they got too close. The cube spent a little while dormant before starting to move slowly across the map, rotating at regular intervals. Fans quickly decoded runes it was leaving behind to predict it was heading for Loot Lake, but what would happen when it reached that point was still mysterious. That is until last week, when it hit the lake and began to melt, turning the whole pool into a bouncy surface.

That all leads to the latest when Fortnite dropped its first real Season 6 hint on Twitter. The teaser image shows what appears to be a robotic llama within an image of the cube, with a caption that reads "All great parties need a DJ." Presumably, that's a skin that players will be able to obtain next season. That or Fortnite is ditching this whole "battle royale" fad to bring back the rhythm genre. We'll continue to update as more teases appear to drop details.

Source: GameSpot