Fortnite Season 5 has begun, introducing a ton of new map changes as well as outfits and other doodads to collect. If you're playing on the Nintendo Switch, though, you have one more surprise waiting for you. That version added gyroscopic motion controls, according to today's patch notes.

That should make aiming easier for those who swear by gyro controls, as popularized by games like Splatoon. You can adjust this option in the settings menu. This is one of many changes introduced in the Season 5 rollover. Others include an All-Terrain Kart that can carry an entire squad, new locations like Lazy Links and Paradise Palms, and a desert biome. You'll also find Viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues littered around the island.

All that makes sense, as the game has been heavily hinting at a time travel theme for weeks. Epic encouraged users to hop in their Karts and go exploring, and we'd bet that some secrets lurk around the map already that will lay the groundwork for the next season.

Source: GameSpot