Fortnite is always getting new weapons but, unlike most of the game’s guns, the new Flare Gun seems to be more about signalling than shooting at other players. The upcoming weapon was announced over the weekend at Epic’s Fortnite Summer Block Party event, with a new animated trailer staring Jonesy. The gun should be added to Fortnite soon, but Epic hasn’t given an official release date yet.

While we know the Flare Gun is headed to the game in the near future, we don’t have a clear idea of what it’s going to do. In the trailer, Jonesy seems to be trapped on a deserted island when he finds the Flare Gun and fires it in hopes of signalling a rescue. Instead, Jonesy’s errant flare hits a passing Battle Bus, causing it to crash into the water below. Jonesy isn’t getting rescued, but on the plus side he does get a Victory Royale in the video — and 99 eliminations, I guess.

The video for the Flare Gun is entertaining, but it probably doesn’t have much to do with how the weapon will actually work in-game. That information is probably shared after the video’s punchline, during the stinger.

After he’s crashed the bus and earned his accidental victory, a supply llama falls onto the island next to Jonesy. That’s likely what will happen when you fire the Flare Gun once it’s actually out in Fortnite: a brief waiting period before a llama full of materials and consumables is dropped onto your location.

This is how other battle royale games have handled flare guns as well. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the flare gun works to signal a supply or vehicle drop where ever the flair is shot.

So the actual Flare Gun may not be quite as strong as Jonesy’s flare that managed to end a game in one shot. But if our speculation is right, it may give players a free and easy 600 materials, as well as a few other necessities like shields.

The chances are also good that the flare isn’t going to be quiet either, so it will also probably alert any other players in the area to your new good fortune. Which seems fair; every big reward should come with at least some risk.

Source: Polygon