Fortnite's latest updates its free-to-play mode Battle Royale are here, and all about balance. This latest update has added a brand new weapon, shifted some of the balance on other weapons, and picks up some of the slack on team killers.

This update brings in a new version of the SMG, a much more stealthy and quiet version: the silenced SMG. But this isn't the only weapon at attention with these changes. The standard SMG will be improved in terms of damage and magazine size.

In additions to balancing the SMG, the supposed legendary drop of the bush consumable isn't so legendary any more. The devs heard your feedback and have lowered the drop rate for the item, making it just a wee bit harder to get your hands on.

Going forward, the team does want to make the fan-made rocket and grenade riding an actual feature of the game. Support will eventually come, as long as it doesn't cause any game-breaking issues. A public test server is also in the works.

As for team kills, Epic is finally addressing the issue. After admitting that team kills were something the team did drop the ball on, they are working towards a solution. It should be noted that this update doesn't fix the issue. As of right now, all you can do as a player is report those who are playing in malicious and unfair ways, and your feedback will help develop the system they intend to put into place as a solution.

Source: GameSpot