Close Encounters, the new limited-time mode in Fortnite, has been disabled just an hour after it went live, according to a tweet from Epic Games.

“Due to an issue with Close Encounters, we’ve had to disable this LTM while we investigate. In the meantime, we’ve enabled Solid Gold,” the company said.

The Close Encounters limited-time mode was originally designed as a way for players to get to try the jetpack that was recently added to Fortnite. The game mode replaces all of Fortnite’s weapons with shotguns and gives the jetpack a high probability to spawn, giving just about everyone in the mode both shotguns and a jetpack.

While it is unclear what the exact issue was that caused the mode to be disabled so quickly after going up, players in the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit reported several issues, including the wrong types of ammo spawning on the ground, as well as the solo queue option disappearing after only being out for about 30 minutes while the duo and squad options remained.

The Close Encounters limited-time mode is expected to return to Fortnite once Epic has resolved the mode’s current issue.

Source: Polygon