Former Ubisoft Studio Head Joins EA

EA just announced that former Ubisoft Studio Head Jade Raymond has joined their company. She will be in charge of building up a new studio in...
  1. Sparfire
    EA just announced that former Ubisoft Studio Head Jade Raymond has joined their company. She will be in charge of building up a new studio in Montreal and overseeing Visceral Studios in California. According to a blog post on their official site, the new studio, named Motive, will be a "creative-driven team, incubating entirely new IP and taking on some amazing projects."

    Raymond is no newcomer to the industry, before leaving Ubisoft in October 2014 to "pursue new opportunities", she spent a decade working on some of their most successful titles such as Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2.

    Motive's first project will be to work on former Naughty Dog employee Amy Hennig's new Star Wars game:

    "I'm thrilled that the first big project that we will work on in Montreal will have Amy as Creative Director. An opportunity to work with her and the Visceral team, and to play in the Star Wars universe, is once-in-a-lifetime stuff."

    Source: EA

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    I really liked the first 2 Assassin's Creed games so hopefully they make something good. I could care less about her joining them. I'm just interested in games. It could end good.
  2. TheItalianLad
    2015 can't get any better, the two worst companies joining eachother, smhh
  3. Gray Ice 13
    This can only end so well.
  4. Red58
    Raise to the barracks my gaming brethren, let us take back our beloved game franchises and pile drive all untalented con artists into oblivion! Take to the streets and demand reform! ... and someone please bring muffins.
  5. Klantra
    Basically mashing two turds together, then?
  6. Wavy
    Every gaming company seems to be going down more so than up no a days. I do not really think it matters where she ended up anyway imo. But I sure hope things do not become worse with her transition to EA.
  7. Skype
    Honestly, her team was getting a lot of heat and she wanted to go and join another company. I really think this is a negative instead of a positive. They just love screwing us. :smile:
  8. The_Notorious_BIG
    Hmm, amazing. Someone from a **** company is which is going down hill on the PC side of gaming due to the horrible way they've treated us is now going to another company thats doing just as badly. Great!

    This is now why I don't f*** with many new games any more. They're all becoming re brands of previous games and still ask for a massive price tag. I don't think I can tell apart any Assassins Creed games from each other it's got so bad now. Just some ****** little story change and the same **** happens in each one. This **** goes for a lot of other titles. Even GTA imo. I prefer the ****ing freedom that GTA 4 gave me, not this bulls*** where I cant blow up or steal a car yet the game is called GRAND THEFT AUTO! CoD is just as bad, Battlefield is going down too.

    There's no innovation any more in games, and now it's very rare to find a game that lives up to its hype. Watch Dogs and Destiny were suppose to be great, and yet a flop. GTA went from 300k people to 30k in about a month on pc lol. Hopefully the games coming out in the next year, (NOT THAT THERES MANY FFS!) will save me from my misery...

    The only games I play are ones that just don't reach as many people. Stuff like Cites Skylines, Elite Dangerous and loads of sims and the reason is because they don't release a new version every year with a new texture and a stupid price tag and the problem is is that they don't get enough funding for better development, while you have ****ing EA and Ubisoft sat on truck loads of cash and pissing all over it because all the ****ing retards bought their game!

    lookin forward to Battlefront 3 doe

    And sorry for my rant. But its the way I feel about pc gaming rn.
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    1. tauntdevil
      I agree with this completely. I explained why and then I guess found out that there is a 500 character limit so... yeah. but I agree and wish they would stop making killer trailers for crappy games while being motivated by the pay and would instead be motivated to make a killer game which, if the game is amazing, means more pay. Crazy...
    2. _Xz_
      I actually thoroughly enjoyed Watch_Dogs, personally.

      Anyhow, I do agree. I have Elite Dangerous and it is nice to have something that's a little more "out there" (no pun intended...). The few new games coming out over the next year could be good, though. Companies are beginning to realise that they don't have the some power that they used to. Hopefully this means that the games will start being good quality again.
  9. Arxhive
    Welp. Looks like I'll be expecting sequels every year and graphical downgrades henceforth. Plus microtransactions.
  10. Sallos
    It's always sad to see an attractive person join the dark side.
    1. Red58
      Ubisoft rushes plenty of their projects too, I'm sure.