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Former BioShock Developers Bring us Perception

Perception is an upcoming horror survival game that is being developed by a "new" company called The Deep End Games. I put the word new in quotations because The Deep End Games was actually formed by former developers of Irrational Games, which are best known for developing the beloved BioShock series along with the slightly less popular System Shock 2. As I write this, the developers have collected approximately $10,000 in donations via the games Kick Starter with almost 300 backers. The developers are claiming that the game will be on PC in early 2016, with hopes that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will receive the game in the following months. Hide behind your covers and prepare to tremble in fear as we take a closer look into Perception and explore the abandoned estate that is known as Echo Bluff.

The main protagonist is a 29 year old blind woman named Cassie Thornton who resides in Arizona. Cassie experiences a recurring vision of an old abandoned house, and eventually, her curiosity peaks. After months of research, she finally locates the abode that appears in her visions. The residence happens to be located in a small town in Massachusetts that is made up of a population around 30,000 people. Within the first twenty-four hours of her locating the mansion, she is on a plane heading to Gloucester, Massachusetts. This simple adventure could be Cassie's last.


Once Cassie arrives at Echo Bluff, she comes across the dilapidated and ramshackle mansion that has haunted her dreams for years. Unfortunately for her, Echo Bluff is haunted by a demonic figure known as "the Presence." This schizophrenic creature roams the hallways muttering absolute nonsense and is out to eliminate Cassie by tricking and stalking her every move. The Presence has the ability to modify its voice to sound like any male or female. Since the main protagonist is blind, her ability to hear is heightened significantly. This is actually a very crucial component to the game because Cassie only has three other tools which give her an advantage: her quick-wittedness, a walking stick, and her mobile phone. Any sound that is made by either the walking stick or her cell phone illuminates the general surroundings, which then gives players roughly around three seconds to figure out which direction they need to go. Your overall goal is to figure out what sinister events took place in Echo Bluff throughout the last four centuries. For a better look, feel free to check out the trailer below.

Former design director for BioShock Infinite, Bill Gardner is behind this project. He has spent the last twelve years of his life working for Irrational Games, so I presume he wanted a change of scenery. According to Gardner, the twelve other veteran members of the team assisted development on projects such as Dead Space, BioShock, and Rock Band. Apparently the development team is using the latest version of Epic's Unreal Engine to construct their upcoming masterpiece. The Deep End Games is asking for around $150,000 in donations. If anything, it's definitely an interesting combination of people to be creating a horror game.

Just from watching the first few seconds of the trailer, the game automatically reminds me of an updated Gone Home compiled with features from games such as Among the Sleep. For those of you who do not know me very well, I am a die hard fan of everything horror. As soon as this game is released in early 2016, I'll be picking up a copy within a few hours of the release. The story intrigues me more than anything, especially because the main protagonist is a blind woman. As of now, no official price has been discussed. Although if you pledge more than $20, you'll receive a copy of the game without hesitation. All in all, Perception is something I am looking forward to.

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