Since the Xbox One X launched last month, many publishers have released updates for their titles to take advantage of the console's added horsepower. For Honor will be the latest to join the list of Xbox One X-enhanced games, as Ubisoft has announced it will roll out an update for the combat game tomorrow, December 5.

Like other Xbox One X-enhanced titles, the improvements tomorrow's update will make are almost entirely visual in nature. Most notably, the game will, as with many other games, use dynamic scaling to support resolutions up to 4K. Ubisoft says it is "using a real-time variable resolution (up to 4K-2160p) coupled with hardware scaling that output to TV resolution." As a result, the game will look sharper even on non-4K sets.

In addition to the higher resolution, the update will also improve shadow definition and render distant objects with a greater level of detail, while water surfaces will have dynamic reflections. Ubisoft released a new trailer that showcases these enhancements. You can watch the video at the top of this story.

The full patch notes for tomorrow's update can be found below or on the official For Honor website. You can also check out our full list to see all of the Xbox One X-enhanced games so far.

For Honor Xbox One X v1.16 Patch Notes

4K Rendering

Xbox One X graphics are rendered at 4K. This will bring you a much sharper image on a 4K TV. We are using a real-time variable resolution (up to 4K-2160p) coupled with hardware scaling that output to TV resolution. With the scaling, even lower resolution HDTV's will notice a better overall definition.

Improved shadow resolution

Shadows on Xbox One X will have a better definition.

Improved level of detail distances

Far away environment objects will be rendered with a higher definition.

Improved water using Screen-Space Reflections

Many water surfaces will now show dynamic reflections.

Source: GameSpot